DESTINATIONS / Monaco 1962

Chicane at the 1962 Monaco grand Prix

If we could go back in time to a simpler era – it would be this. Compared to the armco lined modern circuit this really looks like a race on the streets. More familiar, more beautiful, and yes…more dangerous. We love it.

Watch this a few times – it’s worth it for the stunning in car footage, helicopter tracking shots, and glorious sound. The F1 cars of 1962 were so small and narrow that there is room for taking different lines and overtaking. The yachts are for sailing, not floating plastic hotels. Enjoy the glorious swooping and banking in these helicopter tracking shots, modern drones don’t move the same way.

What’s not to like? Who wants to go back to 1962? High quality 70mm footage of the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix. Part of the 1962 German documentary Flying Clipper aka Mediterranean Holiday – available on 4k

Cooper at the 1962 Monaco grand Prix

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