DESIGN / McLaren Speedtail

The McLaren Speedtail launches a new design direction for the company, taking the work that they have been doing with MSO to new levels for 106 lucky customers.  The car is an extraordinary new three-seat hyper grand tourer.


The Speedtail is McLaren’s first ever Hyper-GT. Our most aerodynamically efficient car ever. And the fastest McLaren to date. With a pioneering 1050PS hybrid powertrain at its core. It brings together unprecedented levels of innovation and elegance to create a new benchmark in automotive design. And offers owners extraordinary opportunity for bespoke personalisation.

Watch the McLaren Art/Design launch video here.


The car’s length – at 5.2m – is an extreme expression of aerodynamic performance, sculpted by the designers into a beautiful expression of speed. Head of Materials and Colours at McLaren Automotive – Jo Lewis, explains the details of the incredible materials used in this car in this video interview with Mr. JWW.

Watch the Jo Lewis video with Mr. JWW.


McLaren have taken carbon fibre to be part of the DNA of their brand, and indeed the material forms the structure of all of their road cars, pioneered by the F1.

Read about the Legend that is the McLaren F1 here.

For the Speedtail, McLaren have developed new bespoke carbon weaves. Their standard carbon yarn is called 3k which means that it has 3000 strands per yarn, but for the Speedtail they have a new 1k carbon which has only 1000 strands per yarn, and is therefore finer and lighter. On top of that, it is woven in a different way, using a Jacquard machine which allows them to introduce patterns into the weave which are fully customisable – so the new owner can have graphics actually woven into the carbon fabric.


On top of this the Carbon can be coated with a micron thickness of titanium – a process McLaren have called Titanium Deposition. The titanium can also be coloured, meaning that you can have a metallic colour to the carbon without adding the weight of paint and extra lacquer.

Inside the car has the three-seat central driving configuration of the F1, but in a more luxurious interpretation, with aniline leathers and titanium deposition carbon everywhere.

Although a luxury vehicle rather than an all out sports machine, the numbers also set new benchmarks.

Breathtaking performance

Just 12.8 seconds. That’s all it takes for the Speedtail to reach 300km/h from a standing start. This is the fastest acceleration delivered by any McLaren to date. But the Speedtail is a car that pushes ever further. Keep on accelerating, and the car will reach its staggering top speed of 403km/h (250mph) – higher than any car we’ve ever created. Outstripping even the McLaren F1. It’s the combined result of a stunning aerodynamic design. A dry weight of only 1,430kg. And the immense force of the 1,050PS petrol-electric powertrain. Discover the incredible specification of the McLaren Speedtail.


The most beautiful, luxurious and bespoke hypercard ever is a first not just for McLaren, but for the entire industry. The cost of such a car? £1.76m before taxes…but they are all sold.



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