LAUNCH / Ferrari Monza SP1 & SP2


Ferrari has reimagined one of its most beautiful and iconic 1950s sports racers as a limited edition road car. Apparently sold out and assured of collector status, the Monza SP1 and SP2 is based upon the Ferrari 812 chassis with it’s monster V12 naturally aspirated engine and chassis-shrinking four-wheel-steering.


Few people would argue that the 1956 Monza sports racer was a beautiful and effective road racer, and Ferrari’s new interpretation is a convincing design.


The original Monza suffered from a high seating position relative to the low build and shoulder line of the body, so it never looked as good with a driver as it did empty. No doubt the new version doesn’t suffer from this – it is surely the most evocative concept car for the road that has been built in recent years. The market for such cars seems to be evolving. Ferrari’s previous efforts such as the SP38 were $5m one-offs, or built in pairs, like the F12 TRS –  but this new Monza SP1/SP2 (the name changes according to the one or two seat specification which is at the owner’s discretion when they order, rather than being limited) is being built at volume.

ADVANCE / Ferrari SP38 to debut at Concorso D’Eleganza Villa D’Este in Italy

In fact, this is something of a new market niche for Ferrari – the first in what the company calls it’s ‘Icona” Series, sitting above the ‘Special Series” (488 Pista) models in its line-up. These cars are to be inspired by iconic models from the past, and are a more in depth extension of the concept previewed by the 70 Special Edition liveries. These new Icons Series cars are being built in quantity ‘less than 500’ – expect the cost to be in seven figures.

Ferrari Monza XP2 Interior features a simplified and distilled interior design language.

The interior is simplified and focussed more on the steering wheel, which looks a good deal more purposeful and less cluttered and ‘styled’ than the current generation of production cars. Hopefully this is the sign of a cleaner design to the interiors from the company in the future.


With it’s all new carbon skin and deleted weather equipment it’s going to be the lightest front engined Ferrari since the 1950s. What an amazing car. All that’s needed is an excuse to street race these beauties, otherwise they will never have the romance and gravitas of the street racers of the 50s.


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