VIDEO / NEW VANTAGE from Aston Martin

Aston’s vision for the future on road and track.

It’s a revelation. So futuristic and bold. Aston’s design team headed by Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichmann has taken the huge risk of revolutionizing the design of their big seller…and it’s paid off. The #NewVantage makes every other coupe on sale look last gen. This car’s styling is a game changer.


As you can tell from the video audio – it sounds epic. No complaints here about taking on AMG as an engine partner, or about Mercedes tech in the cabin.


Design and materials set this Aston apart from it’s Mercedes – it’s like Audi tech in a Lamborghini – what’s not to like?

The chassis is all Aston though, with that V8 set way back in the chassis. Handling is amazing, a real step change from the old Vantage.


The New Vantage is on sale now.


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