BUSINESS NEWS / Caterham Super Sprint Heritage launch sells out in 7 hours.

The Caterham Seven Super Sprint Heritage edition has sold out in just 7 hours at the Goodwood Revival. The entire batch of launch cars – 60 – were sold in the first few hours of the Goodwood Revival, Caterham reports. Clearly, the appetite for new ‘vintage’ racers continues unabated, and the Goodwood Revival is a great place to launch a new car.

The Super Sprint is a clever blend of vintage style and new technology, a £29,995 road racer to celebrate sixty years of the iconic Lotus 7 launched by Colin Chapman in 1957.


Available in a range of heritage inspired colours and decals, this seven really looks the part. Outwardly similar in concept to the high profile new production of new Jaguar E-type Lightweights by Jaguar and the DB4GT by Aston Martin, the Caterham is in fact a modern Caterham underneath the vintage kit, with a modern Suzuki 3 cylinder turbo power unit developing just 95 hp. Not trying to blur the lines between new and vintage, it is a new car from a brand that has an increasing sense of its heritage value.


There is no doubt that it is a successful approach for Caterham, and we hope to see more cars from the company in a similar vein.

The car is billed as a gentlemen’s racer, hinting at a future race series for the car. Let’s hope to see grids of these drifting through race circuits very soon.


Find out more about the Caterham Super Sprint at



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