INTRODUCING / New 2018 Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid

Land Rover has launched the new facelift Range Rover with a plug-in hybrid model that can travel 51km in electric mode.

No doubt about it, the new 2018 Range Rover is a masterclass in contemporary design detailing and surfacing – managing to enhance the beauty and simplicity of the original design.


There is more than a hint of the Velar in the new facelift, which is no bad thing as the Velar marked a sea change in luxury design, with clever and innovative use of flush surface details to enhance the sculptural whole. Since it’s launch, the Velar had been making the rest of the Range Rover family look a little last generation, and Land Rover have been quick to remedy this with their revised flagship for 2018.


The new car looks modern and aerodynamic, while still retaining the essential Range Rover silhouette – something that must have been difficult to achieve, although here it looks effortless.



Our one criticism of the outgoing model was a the stance created by the pinched tail, but the new version adds extra visual mass below the belt line to address this. In many ways, it harks back to the proportions of the 2003 L322 Range Rover, which is one of our all-time favorite designs.



The interior features the expected updates to touchscreen and charging capabilities, and remains one of the best interior designs currently available.

The big news though, at least from a brand positioning point of view, is the arrival of a plug-in hybrid capable of up to 51 km in electric mode. It is a welcome addition and one that will prove very useful to the many urban trips that the Range Rover is used for. The petrol power unit assist means that range anxiety and finding a charging station need not be a concern. However, how long will it be before Land Rover can produce a full electric Range Rover to rival the Tesla?

New Range Rover 2018




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