GOODWOOD REVIVAL / Ecurie Ecosse Celebration

One of the most important historic motorsport celebrations that took place at 2017’s Revival was the Ecurie Ecosse parade. A first rate upstart privateer, what they achieved and cultivated in their golden years many top-level manufacturers haven’t managed over the course of decades thus warranting our undivided applause.



Two crucial things: unparalleled motorsport achievement headed by their D-type escapades at Le Mans, and secondly, undeniably iconic team brand and identity through what might be one of the most evocative colour schemes in motorsport history. If you’re winning races and people love your stripes, you’re on to a winner. That three-time F1 world champion Jackie Stewart cut his teeth with “Team Scotland” only adds to the kudos.

The support that they garnered as they were socking it to full-force industrial factory efforts was unparalleled. The rest, as the cliché goes, is history and the result is a sea of slightly slackened jaws at 2017’s Revival as the starting grid filled with the great and the good of Ecosse history, as well as the bad and the ugly. What an unforgettable moment.

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